The Origin of The Red Wolf and Its Teachings

  Why a Red Wolf: The Origin Story My blog came about for a college course. It developed over time as I figured out how to be a blogger and narrowed down what I wanted to write about. For me, naming something is difficult, whether it's a story or stuffed animal (hey, it's a big decision!). But naming my blog without really knowing the content it would contain, I decided it had to be a general name. And privacy was my main issue, so I thought, "I love red and I love wolves, so 'Red Wolf .'" It would become my name. In one of my drawing courses, my teacher spent several classes discussing the concept of space. A blog is a personal space for the writer, so I looked through words for describing a space. "Room" won out because it starts with the letter "R" to match "Red." So, that's the story of "Red Wolf's Room." I recently thought to look into the significance of a red wolf since that color of wolf actually does exi

Elements of the Classic Mystery in Magnum P.I.'s "I Witness": A Case Study

  Photo by  Houcine Ncib  on  Unsplash What Are the Key Elements of a Mystery? At its core, a juicy mystery has to have these elements: The Sleuth Setting The Crime/Mystery A Satisfactory Solution The Sleuth The sleuth is the main character who tries to solve the mystery. The mystery can also involve the sleuth. Their background usually connects them to the mystery or even to the killer/culprit. The sleuth has to have a motive that explains why they feel the need to solve the mystery.  Sometimes, the sleuth's motivation is rooted in the fact that they provide a service to clients and they don't have an emotional stake in the crime or mystery. Photo by  Eleanor Styles  on  Unsplash Setting Readers are drawn into well-described and atmospheric settings. Think of Sherlock Holmes walking along the foggy streets of London, Nancy Drew driving around River Heights in blue roadster/convertible, or Thomas Magnum driving around Hawai'i in his red Ferrari. Details specific to each loc

Celebrate Beltane with Gods, Goddesses & a Little Witchcraft

Don't miss  the premiere  today (4 p. m. EST)!  Here is the  trailer  for it.   Swarms ASMR is hosting this magical collab, so head over to her channel and check out her other videos! The video description includes a list of several other talented ASMRtists, so be sure to check them out, too! The idea for this video started with my posting Johanna Polle's (more on her below) Instagram post of  Nematona  on a Discord channel that has various ASMRtists. An online friend suggested that JessKCreative do a roleplay as Nemetona and then, the idea snowballed from there with a bunch of ASMRtists getting in on the action. Et voilà, this collab was born!  Celtic Goddesses BE FOREWARNED: The story behind goddesses, especially Celtic ones, is a tangled web with conflicting information and similarities since Christianity changed the Pagan information, gods and goddesses evolved and different cultures share similar information, (i.e., Ireland versus Scotland). Note: The goddesses mentioned

The Top 3 Ways Toys Inspire YOUR Story

Photo by  Khanh Steven  on  Unsplash Please note : I will be focusing on dolls, but this relates to any type of toy you own or have owned.  I grew up with a Barbie collection, a Bratz collection and one My Scene doll (Barbie, naturally). Looking back, they were more than just dolls, more than fashion icons. They allowed me to express myself before I realized that I had a passion for writing. I honestly still have "a passion for fashion" and love online fashion games and looking through magazines. But the dolls did more for me than I knew.  Barbie dolls 1) Dolls Develop Imagination Yep, storytelling! (Didn't see that coming, I'll bet). My dolls let me create stories or re-enact the ones I saw on television. Kidnappings, evil step-sisters, saving friends from near-death experiences, meeting Prince Charming, I had a million of 'em. I also had about 26 Barbies at one point, all with different themes. One was Rapunzel, another was an aerobics instructor name Theresa, a

Update: My Blog Email Subscription Service

 Hey guys,  The email subscription service I was using for this blog was FeedBurner (it's offered through the host Blogger), but I just received the announcement that they're implementing an update, which will discontinue the email subscription feature.  So, I have already removed it. To stay up-to-date with my posts, I recommend following me on Twitter and/or Instagram (@theonlyredwolf) to see my latest blog posts.  Wishing you a nice day/night. Take care 🐺 AAAWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Getting a Second Chance: A Book Review of The Reason for Time

  "...we are so caught up in the rushing river, trying either to swim backwards or to propel ourselves forward, that we forget to breathe."   You Should Read The Reason for Time  if... You are interested in stories that take place in Canada You enjoy a feisty female protagonist You love the new-in-town theme Want a short, spoiler-free review? Check ou t  my review  o n Reedsy Discovery! The Gooderham Building/Flatiron Building in St. Lawrence -  Jamshed Khedri on Unsplash NOTE : I read this book as a standalone since the author said it was possible, but keep in mind that this book is the third installment of the Maggie Dunn trilogy. Summary  In a Reason for Time by Deborah Court, Alison Budge and Maggie Dunn travel together from Scotland to Toronto. Alison is starting a new life and Maggie is determined to face her past and start living a normal life again. Both of them meet Wolfe Corbyn, a young banker from London, England. He is being transferred to another branch of hi