Following the Writer's Path with Indie Author Erin Bowlen

Erin Bowlen I met Erin at my new job this past year and was thrilled to discover that she is not only a published author, but the author of Irish stories! I started following the actor and freelance photographer  Stuart Mackey back in March and have been diving more into the Irish culture ever since. Part of my dive has included reading all types of Irish stories from fairy tales to Erin's contemporary novels of women's literature.  While reading her   Aoife O’Reilly  series , I started wondering about the research that was involved while I marveled at how well written the characters are. Then, I realized that I could ask her! So, here is my interview with Erin Bowlen : Doolin, Ireland | Photo by Magdalena Smolnicka on Unsplash Early Days of Writing 1.  Red Wolf :  Tell us a bit about yourself. Erin Bowlen : Hi, readers! My name is Erin Bowlen, and I am the bestselling author of the Aoife O’Reilly series. I’m from a small city on the east coast of Canada: Fredericton, New B

How to Describe Characters in a Story Without Being Boring

Photo by Olga Dieterle Many writers are able to create characters that leap off the page and stay in your mind for years to come not just because of their story, but also because of their style. Before you start outlining their way of speaking and fashion sense, you need to know what your character's character is like. What is their internal thought process? How would they react to what this person says or what that creature does? And how would your character show their emotions? When you are writing characters, you're building a person from the inside out, so you need to lay down the foundation of their personality. Determining whether your character is an introvert, extrovert or ambivert will set the tone. Everything in writing is connected and that includes characters. Their personality has a heavy hand in dictating their actions and dialogue choices, although experiences and other factors play a role as well. In Diane Callahan's video, she mentions the "hidden sel

Do You Know What Lies In the Woods (by Tana French)?

In the Woods by Tana French is Book 1 of the Dublin Murder Squad series and takes place in the mid-late 90s. This story has cellphones, but it has the 90s essence I remember; we were on the cusp of impressive technological advancements. The internet was only just picking up speed compared to what it is today. Why was I thinking about this while reading the book? Well, at the time, I had just discovered Stuart Mackey on TikTok through a duet with another content creator, Queen Astraea . And like with DannyPhantom.Exe , I have a few similarities and interests in common with Stuart. I've become one of his active supporters.  Back in April, he did a Live on TikTok and was transparent with his viewers. The next day, he had a story on Instagram to which I commented on and he responded. It is this action that got me feeling so grateful for the technology in this era, to be born in this era, despite my daily gripes about various types of tech. I am grateful to be able to communicate wit