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Saturday, 6 May 2017

How Time Hasn't Changed: Doorways in the Sand

I've been reading science fiction novels such as Doorways in the Sand by the great Roger Zelazny; it's about alien possession and the copyright date of my book is 1976.  With older science fiction books, readers today notice obsolete things such as rabbit-ear televisions or the absence of the internet and the increased use of the mail system.  With that in mind, I noticed something in Doorways in the Sand when the mentor to the protagonist discusses scientific revolutions,

"that a big new idea comes along and shatters traditional patterns of thought, that everything is then put together again from the ground up [...] After a time, things begin looking tidy once more [...] Then someone throws another brick through the window.  It has always been this way for [humans], and in recent years things have been coming closer and closer together."
Doesn't that sound like what's happening today in 2017 with the constant production and improvements in technology, TED talks and the startup company phenomenon?

"Innovation" and "vision" are key terms these days and people are doing exactly what Zelazny said; nothing has changed and that's a good thing.  We are improving upon and building on old frameworks. 

As a storyteller, I am happy to see that big ideas and imagination have not yet become obsolete.

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Zelazny, Roger. Doorways in the Sand. Avon Books, 1976. p. 185.  

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