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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Interview with Katrina on "Why Writing?"

Today, I did an interview with Katrina to find out why she is passionate about writing:

So, what got you into writing?

My secondary-one English teacher was a huge influence for me. The Harry Potter series was another. But I first realized I enjoyed telling stories in elementary school, when our fourth grade class was forced to participate in a storytelling competition. I hated public speaking, but I remember feeling on top of the world when my classmates told me I was actually funny, and voted me to the next round. I refused, of course.
What is it about script-writing that attracted you to it?  
I think at first it was the fact that TV is dialogue-driven. Not always, of course, but when I was young I watched mostly family sitcoms; so for me, it was the laugh track that sold me. I wanted to be responsible for making a whole audience laugh—and maybe teach a lesson or two in the process.

What is your favorite medium of writing? 

It’s hard to choose between novels and television. They both do two very different things. My goal is to master both!

Do you have a favorite story? 

So many. Too many.
Short story: The Tell-Tale Heart
Movie: Ocean’s Eleven
Book: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
TV Series: Gilmore Girls. No, Friends! I can’t possibly decide.

What makes you continue to write?  What do you find in writing that you can't find anywhere else? 
If it weren’t for the encouragement from my professors and mentors and the support from my family and friends, I would have given up on writing in my first year of college. I’m a scatter-y speaker, and my mind is always 10 steps ahead of my words; writing is the only thing that allows me to gather my thoughts. Because of this, it’s the only way I’m comfortable telling stories or bringing an important issue to light. Writing is the only way I can change the world—and isn’t that what we’re all trying to do, each in our way?

Thank you, Katrina, for sharing your love for writing.  We look forward to one day watching a television show or reading a novel written by you!

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Mason Canyon said...

An interesting interview with Katrina, Red Wolf. It's always fun for me as a reader to learn what lead an author to write.

The Red Wolf said...

Thank you, Mason Canyon, for your comment!