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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Battling Writer's Block

I was a guest blogger for Lia over on her blog for NaNoWriMo to give advice on Writer's Block.  Click here to head over there.

In addition to the tips I gave over on Lia's post, struggling writers can also:

Do Something Else:  Changing your thoughts allows your mind to put the writing problem on the back burner and to focus on something else.  Read a book, go for a walk, do a chore or two, listen to music, work on another project, (whatever your heart desires) and return to it later in the day.  Looking at blogs can also be helpful since there are blogs on all sorts of topics (food, interior design, writing, religion...).  Check out the magazine Artful Blogging: https://stampington.com/Artful-Blogging-Winter-2016

Leave it for Another Day:  Much like the previous solution (see above), giving your mind a break so it can absorb what you've written usually allows it time to think up new ideas.  When you think you have done all that you can for your writing, close it up and forget about it until the next day.

    General Writing Tip: "Never throw away your ideas; instead, try and organize them.  At some point... you will certainly find something written down in your notebook that will provide you with inspiration for new ideas, or a new way of doing things" (Tanya Eberhardt, "On Blogging & Creativity" in Artful Blogging Winter 2016 issue, 83)

And now, I will leave you with this quote: "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration"
 - Thomas A. Edison.

Happy Writing!

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