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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Nancy Drew's Game World: Beyond the Boundaries

For those of you who have played Nancy Drew games by Herinteractive, you will know that sometimes you can't explore everything.  You approach the staircase and you think you can ascend the stairs and see Nancy's room temporary quarters, but then a window pops up to ask you whether you want to make it 'day' or 'night', or the scene simply fades to the next day.  Herinteractive's Amateur Sleuth blogger Little Jackalope wrote an article on how players' access is sometimes denied, but now, she has created two videos that break the boundaries to which the games have confined players.  

The first one is centered around the 11th Nancy Drew mystery The Curse of Blackmoor Manor and the 27th game The Deadly Device.  I've played the 11th game and one difference between the game and the video is when the man, Nigel exits the room, we don't see him leave with the doors opening and closing; we only hear him and the door in the game.  Seeing the doors open like a real door sounds simple and unremarkable, but to see it in these games is cool because the games work mostly with photos.     

And here is her latest one that features the 7th game Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake.  This video shows the upstairs to the cabin Nancy is staying in and it shows the environment from the perspective of the "ghost" dog.

As you can see, I love the Nancy Drew games, the behind-the-scenes, the suspects, the recurring objects, the music, the environments/graphics etc....

I just hope the new Nancy Drew voice actress will be able to carry the torch that the original voice actress, Lani Minella, has been forced to give over because I have watched many versions of Nancy Drew on television shows and movies, and NONE have been able to portray the book version of Nancy as well as Lani Minella.

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