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Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Legend of Holly Claus

I read a truly enchanting book over the holidays.  It's called The Legend of Holly Clause by Brittney Ryan.  The story tells about Santa Claus who lives in a place similar to heaven and one Christmas, a boy writes to Santa asking him what he wants for Christmas.  Because of this letter, Holly Claus, the daughter of Santa Claus is brought into existence, but there is an evil sorcerer named Herrikhan who is imprisoned in a Hellish place and needs a pure heart to be released.  Holly possesses such a heart and Herrikhan is able to curse her and all of the land.  Holly, burdened by the curse, seeks a way to become Immortal like her father and lift the curse.  She journeys to the mortal world in order to spread joy, hope and somehow earn her title.  She learns about our mortal ways and finds romance.  Meanwhile, Herrikhan finds a way of deceiving Holly into giving her heart to him.  Will he succeed???  To find out...read the book!  I guarantee you'll love it!  It's a great book for, I'd say, fifth grade and up! 

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