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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Natural Chaos

Last year, I took some snaps for a project.  The restrictions were: we had to take pictures in only one park right across from the school and with each picture, we had to write a Haiku poem.  That was a little tough.   My partner and I choose to show chaos in nature.  It worked really well.  Here are some of my pictures:

 Mr. Squirrelly here was not part of 'Chaos in nature".  But I kept him for my personal images.  He's so chubby, isn't he?  So fuzzy!

 We chose this one (above) as our cover page.  We felt it captured the spirit of chaos in nature.

Personally, this is my favorite only because of the red :)

I hope you guys like them.  I'm not very good with cameras.
Well, have a nice evening!  Christmas is in 4 days!!!

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