The Enchanting Tale of the House of Salt and Sorrows

You 're probably aware of the trend nowadays where stories are told and retold in news ways; now is the age of story recycling. Look at the super hero films, like Spiderman and Batman. The same thing is happening in the book industry: fairytales are constantly rewritten from a new perspective, like that of the villain. House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig is a fairytale retelling, but it's one that focuses on a lesser known tale: Grimm's The Twelve Dancing Princesses. I read this story when I was young; it was part of a book that was paired with a more original telling of Hans Christen Andersen's The Little Mermaid.

The Original Story of The Twelve Princesses
The King of twelve princesses finds that his daughters' shoes are constantly in tatters and they are always tired, yet he knows they do not venture out of the castle. Even when he locks their doors at night, nothing changes, so the King makes a Royal announcement for any man to spend three nights in the co…

A Look at Alan Cumming's Secrets in Not My Father's Son

After watching Cabaret, the Tin Man series and Instinct, I watched a ton of clips on YouTube of Alan Cumming's interviews and even found his Who Do You Think You Are? episode. Solving his family's mystery seemed to take a toll on him, especially when he reached the climax of the show.

It's much worse these days with social media and television so integrated into our lives. We forget that celebrities, both major and minor, are real people with real families. We also forget that the ancestors of our family aren't just history; they, too, were real people. While watching Cumming uncover a family mystery, viewers don't think of what else could be happening in his life as he's filming.

As a writer and avid reader, I love stories, and while stories make life interesting and engaging, we sometimes need to remember to lift the dreamy film from stories and come to terms with the realness of said story, turning it into fact. Sometimes, I'm able to do that and to rememb…

Man and His World

Come with me and see what Man and His World would have been, could have been...

in A Walk in Melancholy Colors

How We Always Live in the Past

We walk down eroding cobblestone streets. We drive on roads that didn't always exist. We live in buildings that have been used for a myriad of purposes. 

And we never know any of their stories...

Check out my guest post "Contemplating the Past" on Éric Soucy's blog, Autant de Montréalais (it`s in English!).

Dream Teams by Shane Snow: Discovering Non-Fiction Can Be Fun To Read

I was on LinkedIn and a fellow writer reached out to me to read his new book. I was already following him on LinkedIn and had read the occasional post and article of his. Being a writer and novelist-in-training, I was aware that reaching out through social media is a marketing tactic that people use to sell their stuff and to spread awareness. However, when Shane Snow reached out to me to read Dream Teams, I was still flattered that he asked. 

I read many reviews beforehand because it is a non-fiction book. I'd say that 85% of what I read is stories, so fiction with maybe 1-2% being biographies. I read fiction to escape from reality, so I need to mentally prepare myself before I dive into non-fiction. I know that non-fiction has gotten a bad reputation for being boring because, well, not everyone can make non-fiction interesting. But Shane Snow did. I have just completed my reading of Dream Teams: Working Together Without Falling Apart and I loved every minute of it! His tone and c…

Winter Blues with Ice-Ing

What an awful day it is.  Rain is bad enough, but ice rain?  On the bright side, writers and readers are rejoicing because they can stay in with a comfy chair, hot drink and good book.

The book I'm reviewing today takes place in the summer, so prepare to be transported away from the bleak white world!

It’s was a rainy Saturday and I decided to curl up on my wide pea green chair.  Its arms were out to embrace me as I plunged into the depths of a new book.  A book with hues of blue on the cover that speaks of death, love, life, books and everything in between.  It may sound like a John Green novel (and I do like some of his books and support him in his writing and video-making; plus he’s even referenced in this book), but this book has more to it.  It is haunting and comforting, funny and melancholic, fiction and non-fiction.

Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley is told from the points of view of best friends Henry and Rachel.  Henry and his family own a bookshop that also contains a Let…

At a Glance: Nancy Drew Throughout the Years


Nancy Drew is a titian-haired (or strawberry-blonde) “amateur” detective who lives in River Heights.Her father, Carson Drew, is a lawyer and her mother died when Nancy was three.Hannah Gruen is their housekeeper and acts as a mother figure for Nancy.Nancy hangs out with Bess Marvin and Bess’s cousin, George Fayne.Bess is a blonde girly-girl type who enjoys shopping and is reluctant to solve mysteries while George is a brunette tomboy who enjoys playing sports and will jump at a chance to solve a mystery.Nancy also has a boyfriend named Ned Nickerson who is a jock and goes to Emerson College and helps Nancy with her mysteries while worrying about her.
This is the basic, original Nancy Drew information.I am a loyal fan of Nancy Drew, so I get upset when people start messing about with the basics.I will present some other versions of Nancy that have popped up over time.

The Original Nancy Drew Movies (1930s) All I can say is that I was very disappointed with these movies, especi…