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Friday, 1 July 2016

A Thank-You to Noah Wyle

Dear Mr. Wyle,

After having watched the episode, The Librarians and What Lies Beneath the Stones, it made me reflect upon my own family.  We have never been a close family and as I have gotten older, the divide has only widened.  Jacob Stone's search for his identity in the episode reflected my own.  For a long time, I was trapped in my family's world and believed that all they said was truth and internalized their words, which buried my self-confidence and left me feeling like a freak.  

Once out in the world with a job whilst pursuing higher education did I begin to realize parts of my identity that went against the beliefs and expectations of my family, but coincided with others in the world.  It is all the stories that I have consumed that emphasized being true to one's self that have helped me stand my ground.  One of those stories was that of The Librarian.  Before going out into the world, it was only in stories, from books, television and movies, that I found people that I could relate to.  You are the one who gave Flynn Carsen life, in addition to giving me strength and hope.  

I want to thank you for being Flynn Carsen in the movies and for bringing the story back as it was while giving it a new spin.  I also enjoyed your speech for the 2014 Human Rights Campaign.

The Red Wolf

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