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Friday, 4 December 2015

The Goblin Tunnel's Vengeful Rupture

In a city somewhere, the underground uprising is felt...

            The wind is like a ghost breathing in.  And out.  The cars speed through as the people's heels beat against the pavement. 

            The tunnel is alive.  

            I'm waiting, in the moving crowd, for the motion, the moment that will initiate the fear and bring terror like rapids through us all.  

            Move, Monster.  Move.

            I scan the walls expecting it to crack the graffiti on its insides.  It knows the mess we have made.  Are the scribbles too acidic?  Is the Monster burning in its paralysis?  

            Alien, invade us.  All we want is contact.

            We know all about you and your kind.  Which version will you be, and with what language?  What technology?  We are human.  And we are God.  We destroy what we do not understand.  So, for your sake... conform.    

            I breathe in unison with the Beast.  Out in the extremities of it, I hear a gigantic roar with digestive fluids coming down.  Some drip beside me.  My heart shakes with realization that this Giant doesn't have to make contact.  It has already invaded us.  It does burn and is now having its revenge.

            The ground opens its mouths.  It swallows the Living.  It swallows the Dead.  Do we taste bitter, or sweet? 

            It is taking our world, tuning it inside out.  Do our screams earn us no mercy?  We are sorry.  And we will change.  Oh, spare us...

Original concept by Victor Garibaldi

Photo courtesy of Éric Soucy. For more of his work: https://medium.com/@FOTOISO3200

For more of my work: http://convozine.com/18842-the-red-wolf

For more of the series: http://convozine.com/fotoiso3200/sections/19254-the-goblin-tunnel


Éric Soucy said...

Great Text, makes us want to read a whole book about this story

The Red Wolf said...

At the rate we're going, we'll have a book that equates the Bible's size in no time :D