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Saturday, 19 December 2015

A Holiday Film: The Dark is Rising

The film, The Seeker: The Dark is Rising, is based on the novel The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper.  The film recounts the tale of Light and Dark battling each other and on his fourteenth birthday, Will Stanton will begin his life as the Seeker.  The Seeker and The Old Ones serve the Light (and guard the Seeker) while the Rider serves the Dark.  The Seeker's main task is to find the signs before the Rider does in order to bring power to the Light; however with each sign that is found, both the Seeker and Rider grow stronger.  Will has powers to help him find the signs, which include the manipulation of fire and inhuman strength.  While learning how to be the Seeker, searching for the signs, dealing with everyday family issues and just being a teenager, Will tries to get close to a girl named Maggie, who also has powers.  

Here's the trailer (Note: For some reason, some of the scenes don't appear in the movie and some voices that are British have been dubbed over by an American accent):

I love watching this film during the holiday season because it has a magical atmosphere with the un-human circumstances.  The film takes place during the holidays so almost every scene is shot outside in the snow and they bring chills to me every time.  It is the only film where I can feel the difference in temperature.  

I enjoyed Christopher Eccleston as the Rider.  When I first watched The Seeker, I had only seen Eccleston as The (ninth) Doctor.  Although he is an actor that can play both good and bad characters, he is excellent at playing a bad guy. I also loves his long hair in this role.

Ian McShane's performance was equally good.  I find he belongs in tales of ancient magic and mayhem.  He was also the narrator for the film The Sorceror's Apprentice.

 I saw the film prior to reading the series and found that both the movie and series were superb on their own since the movie's sole purpose was to tell Will's story (Cooper's series has other protagonists) and I like most of the changes the film made to Will's story.  My only complaint is that I would have liked Maggie to have had all her scenes from the book, as well as those of the Walker, included in the film, but I suppose, at that point, you might as well just read Cooper's series to understand everything like who Merriman really is.  It is one of my holiday favorites!

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