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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Why Writing?

Initially, I turned to writing out of sheer boredom when I was in grade school.  In high school, it helped to fill the lonely recess and lunch periods and it was a story about which I was passionate.  I'm still working on it because I want to turn it into a series consisting of five books.  From high school, I continue to pursue writing.  It has always been my way of letting my true emotions and thoughts out.  I tried to keep a journal and diary, but writing an entry everyday was difficult and not as interesting; I guess, that was because they didn't serve any greater purpose.  It's easier to write for a blog almost daily because I'm keenly interested in the topics I write about.  Diaries and journals are good for my frustrations and anger.

Many books and movies would have endings that I didn't like or didn't agree with so that was another prompt for doing my own writing.  That's why I dabble in fanfiction; I sometimes want to include my representative in these thoughtful worlds (like J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and Jim Hensen's Labyrinth) to explore and think out how my character would react to another writer's characters.

I like being privy to inside jokes or subtle references to other works like when someone says "Nudge, nudge.  Wink, wink" I know that is a reference to a Monty Python skit.  In writing, I like reading between the lines and analyzing.  Writing connects to my interest in psychology.  I think all writers need some interest in psychology to be able to develop their characters realistically.  

Writing stories also broadens my knowledge.  I love historical fiction novels because they combine history with what might have been or could have been.  

I want to travel and in a way, writing allows me to do that.  It also continues to goad me on to discovering the world.

I am a dreamer so I enjoy just sitting quietly or with music, depending on my mood, and letting my "imagination run rampant".  I enjoy being the driver of a story, thinking "Which way will I turn next?"

If you're interested in writing novels, there is a great app called YWriter that organizes chapters, scenes characters etc so writers don't get muddled.

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