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Friday, 13 November 2015

Forgetting Kills

In Herinteractive's Nancy Drew #23: Shadow at the Water's Edge, an old woman named Takei teaches Nancy about origami and informs her about its history.  What struck me was this: "Master Yoshizawa brought the art [of origami] back before it could disappear.  There is a grave danger, Nancy-san, in forgetting.  If the whole world forgets a thing, or a person, then it is gone forever."

American Womankind's article "Lost words, the language wars" by Flora S. Michaels,  deals with the forgetting of languages and how already we have lost so much in the last five hundred years with languages still on the decrease by the next century.  "Languages reveal our cultural diversity - the different ways we explain ourselves, the different ways we categorize our knowledge, the different ways we think, hope and dream."

This is why so many Québécois(es) are aggressive towards other languages spoken in their province; they have become so afraid of losing their language, and in turn their culture, that a great deal of them will not tolerate any other culture or broaden their horizons, which is sad.

It is important to learn the languages, the traditions and cultures of our ancestors (and those of people not related to us) so that, even if they are not practiced as much as they once were, remembrance will keep them alive for future generations; the past always comes back.  It's the same with books.  The author will die without having seen the success of their book, but one day someone will find that book and give it the spotlight and appreciation it deserves.

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