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Monday, 16 November 2015

A Change of Scene Leads to a Story

 It isn't always easy to write at your usual place, whether it be at your desk, on your bed, at your local coffee shop or in the library.  Sometimes changing places helps, but other times you need to stop staring at the blank page or at the mocking cursor that's continually blinking and go out.  Get some air and observe the world around you through your five senses to let your subconscious work on your problem for awhile. 

The following story is about a man who left London to experience the world and get rid of his depression.  He struggled through trials and tribulations, saw nature's breath-taking beauty first-hand and documented the people he encountered:



Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

What I like here is that you're evaluating what your process is...what's working, what's not. And changing what doesn't work.

Thanks for the link! Looking forward to reading the article on Medium.

The Red Wolf said...

Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for your comment.

So many people ask me how I write hundreds of pages, especially when it's only for a draft. I'm always telling them that if an idea keeps bothering you and/or it's an idea you're passionate about, then you just write it down and don't worry about syntax and grammar. Sometimes writer's block is in our mind because we're putting too much pressure on ourselves to write a certain amount a day, or what not. That's one reason why I don't participate in NaNoWriMo.