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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Tomorrowland - A Review

Warning: Spoilers are present in the following text:

"Tomorrowland" is based on a section of Walt Disney's theme park where basically anything can happen.  It is a futuristic city.  The movie tells the story of how all these things are going wrong in the world and everyone has accepted that the end is near.  Everyone except Casey who is the only bright light of hope left and unwilling to accept that there is nothing left to do to save the world.  She is a Dreamer and sought after by Athena, a recruiting robot who must find Dreamers in order to bring them back to Tomorrowland to create a better future.  Athena also gets Frank Walker (George Clooney) who was exiled from Tomorrowland to help get the trio back into the parallel universe because Governor Nix (Hugh Laurie) locked the doors since he knew our world was going to perish.  Frank is initially unwilling to help because he lost hope in himself and the world because of his machine that  he created in order to predict the future. He also was in love with Athena as a child when she recruited him, but because she is a robot and cannot feel love, Frank feels she was just leading him on.  Once the trio are in Tomorrowland, they try to convince Governor Nix that Casey can fix the future with her stubbornly optimistic view, but it is in vain.  Just as they are being deported back to the normal world, Casey and Frank realize that the prediction machine Frank made is giving off signals to the normal world and influencing everyone to think negatively and inevitably fulfill the prophesy.  Casey and Frank inform the Governor, but he doesn't care because he already knows.  He hasn't shut down the machine  because he reasons that the humans embrace apocalypses with their books, music and movies and that they want to die because it is easier than having to do something to change the outcome.  During a fight to turn off the machine, Governor Nix shoots at Frank, but Athena shields him, taking the blast herself.  As she is dying, Frank learns that she did develop the capacity to love him.  Frank destroys the machine and he and Casey rebuild Tomorrowland, which includes sending out more recruiting robots to continue the search for Dreamers.
"Tomorrowland "is a refreshing story because there are no gory images, only a faint hint of romance and the bad guy is also faintly bad.  
It reminded me a bit of James Bond because of all the advanced gadgetry such as the energy blast guns, the booby-traps in Frank's house and the killer robots in every city that hunt down Frank, Casey and Athena. 
I like that the focus of the story was on inspiration and taking action to do what no one else is willing.  And I appreciate that we didn't see Casey develop a love interest.  I'm not saying it's a bad thing for female protagonists to have love interests, but it was a nice change to see that she remained independent throughout the whole movie.  Furthermore on this subject, it was also a nice change that the Frank and Athena's love storyline didn't monopolize the movie.  
After I watched the trailer, I knew Hugh Laurie was the villain, even though it was not clear if there was a villain in the story.  Perhaps it's because I've seen some of Hugh Laurie's other shows and movies that I immediately jumped to that conclusion.  He wasn't a traditional movie bad guy either.  He started out being a relatively good guy by helping build Tomorrowland.  In locking Tomorrowland's doors instead of letting people in since their world was going to end was his way of protecting Tomorrowland so the people would not destroy the world that he had spent so long creating.  He didn't laugh diabolically or display that he was happy about what he was doing, but he still didn't turn off the machine which is the only actual evidence that he was bad.  
The one concern I have for the movie is that there was no flora or fauna in Tomorrowland.  The only nature was the wheat field that surrounds the city.  Why was neither one of these things present?    I have only seen the movie once so it's possible I missed them.
I enjoyed the film immensely and in leaving the theatre, felt motivated to make a change and to work hard to better my and others' futures.

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