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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Robin WIlliams: The Magic of Childhood

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Ever since Robin Williams died this past August (2014), I cannot believe that a man so funny and so able to say such meaningful things in children's movies could have been at the point of taking his own life and even more so to choose to hang himself out of all the other options like simply taking a drug to stop his pain.  What made him choose hanging?  I have not felt the type of depression that many actors have felt, however I cannot help but wonder, did he not remember any of the lines from his movies like "Jumanji" or "Hook" or their magic that has no doubt helped inspire people?  His 90s movies from "Hook" to "Aladdin" to "Mrs. Doubtfire" to "Jumanji" and to "Flubber" are icons of the 90s in my point of view and that magic has ceased in the 2000s.  The 90s had a special spirit, but perhaps I only saw it then because I was very young.  The news of Robin Williams's death has left an impact on me that I have never felt and did not think I would feel especially for someone I knew nothing about on a personal level.  But it has remained in my mind  and heart, leaving me unable to watch one of his movies without crying or at the very least tearing up now that I know what has become of him when at the point of making whatever movie I am watching, he does not know.  
Rest In Peace, Robin Williams.  You are a great part of movie magic and many people's childhoods.

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