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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Raw Madness

Here is a poem I wrote about a year ago in the freezing cold of winter after I was rejected by the Creative Writing program I to which had submitted my work.  Here is my raw madness unleashed:

Raw Madness

Blow, Wind, Blow!
For you don't know
That I’m already cold.

Even with your ferocity, North Wind,
You cannot make me shiver!

Howl, Wind, Howl!
For I shall mourn with you,
combining our frustrations.

Your Mistresses of East and West cannot seduce me
To quake in your presence!

Scream, Wind, Scream!
For I, too, bleed in agony.

Your shrill shrieks echo,
bouncing off the deafness in my ears.

Hit, Wind, Hit!
For I lay in shatters,
trodden upon.

Neither your might,
Nor that of your brother's can knock me down,
Into this great abyss I have fallen far!

Freeze, Wind, Freeze!
For my heart is encompassed in ice.

The four of you combined
cannot ravage my eaten soul.

Kill, Wind, Kill!
For I am dead in your embrace.


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