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Monday, 11 November 2013

André Simoneau

The talented André Simoneau is an Canadian actor who has recently made videos of songs that he has written and performed solo.  Many of you may remember him hosting the Canadian version of "Prank Patrol" on YTV. 
My favorite songs are "Trap Door" and "On the 40", but in all of Simoneau's songs, the tone of voice, the rhythm of the guitar and the imagery inducing lyrics all compliment each other.  I can't help feeling that his lyrics are drawn from very personal experiences and I believe that is another factor that makes me like the videos even more.  I'm looking forward to hearing more!

Trap Door

You wave your flag for all to see
But you don't fool me
I see you coming miles away
Yeah I see you coming

You built yourself a castle up to the sky
Been waging battles in your mind

A thousand servants at your feet
They all call your name
You've got fortune, you've got fame
You've got everything

It makes you so proud, you hold your head high
But the darkest storm clouds can't change the tide

Now that bridge you built is frozen up in ice
And your high road too
And though you never spoke a word
I still heard you

Judging from your pulpit every soul who walked by
But I found my culprit in your eyes

You conceal all your favourite tools
To dismantle the heart of the next lucky fool
Who walks through your trap door and gets shot down in plain day

So wave your flag for all to see
But you won't see me
I closed my gate, I turned my key
You're not welcome here

But isn't it a wonder how far the crow flies
While you and I sleep under the same old skies?

And when there's nowhere left to go
You'll make something up I know
And I'm not saying you were wrong
It's just been so long

Since I've had a reason to put up a fight
With the changing seasons in your eyes

You conceal all your favourite tools
To dismantle the heart of the next lucky fool
Who walks through your trap door
And gets shot down in plain day

Copyright André Simoneau, 2013

 The Bedroom Sessions #6 - On the 40

Had a pocket full of aces
In backstreets and empty spaces
Made a perfect match
I guess you had a plane to catch
That's alright with me
You've got lots to see
Got lots to learn
I'll wait my turn
And I'll be paying my dues
Playing my blues on the 40
Playing my blues, paying my dues, always

Door's open wide
But I still can't decide
Which road to take
How much change can one man make
With calloused hands
And a heart of sand
Head full of smoke
Mouth full of words that make me choke
These days it seems
That I forget my dreams
They flow away
Like the pale silhouette of an old friend
Leaning in my doorway

Oh Isabelle,
Ain't it just like hell
When anyone can tell you've got no home

Who's to blame
For such a crooked game
Who can you believe
When everyone's got something up their sleeve
So you hide your eyes
Behind alibis
Fake your way
Through each and every day
You pay your dues
Play your blues on the 40
Play your blues, pay your dues, you'll be okay

There'll be fire in the sky
The last night of July
There ain't no reason why you've got no home

No there ain't no reason why

 Copyright André Simoneau, 2013

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