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Monday, 28 October 2013

A Great Mentor

The movie "Finding Forrester" starring Sean Connery and Anna Paquin is a must-see for any aspiring writer and established writer.  The film shows the unorthodox relationship of a sixteen year old basketball player and an old man who has shut himself away in his apartment.  The old man discovers that Jamal is interested in writing and helps him out, almost begrudgingly since he has nothing better to do.  We discover the real identity of the old man and what led him to becoming a hermit. 
At the same time, Jamal's grades increase and he is recommended to attend a prestigious school that will be more at his level.  He sits in on some classes and is guided around the school by Anna Paquin who is the daughter to one of the school board's chairmen.  While at this school, Jamal's English teacher, a pedantic jerk who enjoys always being right, creates a conflict with Jamal who is able to keep up with him academically much to the teacher's chagrin.
The movie is light without any violence, it provides a bit of romance and is a constant battle of smarts.

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