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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Secret Keeper

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Kate Morton's book, The Secret Keeper, is an intrinsic clashing of past and present events throughout England where Laurel investigates her mother's past and why, at sixteen years old, Laurel witnessed her mother killing a man.  I had picked up this book because I had initially seen it on the Indigo bookstore's website.  I hadn't read the synopsis so having been deceived by the beautiful hardcover book which illustrated a cozy cottage in the country side with an expansive purple sky, I was shocked when I read about the murder in the first chapter.  If you enjoy history, specifically tracing one's own history, then you'll be captivated by this book as I was.  I have rarely found a book that I couldn't put down, but with this one, it was as if it were glued to my hands. 
I thought I was getting pretty good at predicting outcomes in books and movies after having watched many Agatha Christie mysteries, but with this book, Kate Morten pulled the carpet right out from under me.  This story was deceptive in every way.  I'll definitely be reading other books by her.

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