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Friday, 5 July 2013

"I Hate my Singing Voice" - David Bowie

A funny video of David Bowie answering questions about his album "Heathen".  My favorite part is when he says, "I like interpreting songs...I like writing firstly and fore-mostly.  I would give my right arm," he pauses, "Maybe not my right arm.  I would give somebody's right arm if I could find somebody to sing all of my songs for me, I really would."  It's at 4:32 of the video.  Check it out.

I like most of Bowie's older work and I find, artistically speaking, we have the same tastes.  I wish I had been around when he was doing his "Earthling", "Outside" and "Hours" albums. I always feel consoled with his music and interviews.

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