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Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Anne Rice's novel, "Violin" is about a woman, Triana, who blames herself for the various deaths in her family, the falling apart of her first marriage and for the disappearance of one of her sisters.  When her second husband dies, Triana submerges herself in the classical music of Beethoven in order to deal with the death and spends days cooped up in her house with the corpse.  This is when she begins to hear the haunting violin music played by a dark and handsome man outside the house.  From then on, the man, a ghost named Stefan, seeks to torment Triana with his angry and sorrowful music as well as play with her mind.  However, Triana is not as weak as he thinks.

"Violin" is a book that plays on emotion.  You can feel the passion, the poignant sounds of the violin and the torment of Stefan's soul.  Many of Rice's passages felt as though I was drowning in a dark dream-like state where breathing was made difficult.  I believe the number one reason why I enjoyed this book so much is because I am infatuated with hearing the sound of a violin being played in person, (and rarely get the chance), and wish to create the sounds myself.  But sadly, I know that I cannot and lack the patience of learning to play an instrument.  I envy Triana.

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