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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Is That All, Folks?

When watching an old film and when I mean 'old' I mean before the new millennium when you could look at a film's quality and know what era it was made in.  When you watch an 'old' film or hear an 'old' song, do you ever think "That person revolutionized and made a difference in film/music!  They were the ultimates: Michael Jackson, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie...People in the sixties, seventies and eighties made new and original stuff.  Today, I wonder "Does anything in the 2000s compare to what was made those eras?  There is, I admit, a lot of good original stuff, but is it of the caliber of what was in the other eras? I cannot come up with any truly great artists in the 2000s.  I find everything sounds the same now especially on the radio.  I fail to distinguish one artist from the other which is not the case with the oldies. And the films are in HD and Blue-Ray, (honestly, is there really a difference), with just more and more violence and special effects and explosions or it's vulgarity and mindless stupidity with too much sexual connotations.  When I was studying the different eras in history like the Renaissance and Baroque, a friend of mine asked the teacher, "What will they call us?  The Information/Technlogy Era?"  

I wonder.  

On the metro, I look around and see at least half of the people plugged into some device, a quarter have laptops/IPADs or are texting like mad, (and it's not just the young ones; it has carried over to the adults), and the rest have books, newspapers or are sleeping which equals 3/4s are on some electronic device.  One day, I fear, we will become our own worst nightmares like in the movies and everything will be electronic with robots and all.  And, I fear, it will be in my lifetime. 

When I write especially concerning my novel, I always realize that it's similar to something I've read or watched.  Are there any new ideas left to express or is that it?

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