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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Looking For Alaska

After watching so many videos made by John and Hank Green, I decided to read one of John's novels, "Looking For Alaska".  I was just walking through the aisles in Indigo and suddenly I saw it, so I bought it.  The book follows Miles Halter who is seeking a Great Perhaps and decides to go to Culver Creek Preparatory School in search of it.  There he meets his room mate, Chip, who is known as The Colonel because of the pranks he pulls.  

Miles meets Chip's sexy friend, Alaska, whose attention span is very short.  That's one of the reasons why Miles falls for her.  Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend.  

I like the book.  It's cover and format are original and as I read it, it sounded like John Green's voice.  It was different.  However, I knew how the story ended because he split the book into two parts: 'Before' and 'After'.  I find that was too obvious.  I enjoyed the fact that Miles is interested in people's last words.  It was a refreshing book with its elaborate practical jokes played by Chip, Alaska, Miles and several others. 

Here is John Green's website link: http://johngreenbooks.com/
And you can check out his and his brother's videos on Youtube.  

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