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Monday, 16 July 2012

The Heat is On!

Hello, everyone.  Sorry I haven't been to the blogging world for a while- I had more hours at work plus with the heat, my brain was fried.  We've been having some real scorchers and the USA is being cooked alive!  I hope you guys are keeping cool. 
I read a book by Simon Wood called Accidents Waiting to Happen.  The story was enjoyable.  It starts off with a father driving in his car on his way home from a meeting out of the city when all of a sudden, a car behind him tries to force him off the road.  Josh Michaels and his car end up in a river and the worse part is...Josh can't swim.  From then on, he encounters one disaster after another: blackmail, a death and several other attempts on his life as well as his family's.  Readers learn along the way that Josh is not entirely without sin.  Though he is a good guy, he made some seriously bad mistakes like cheating on his wife.  Accidents Waiting to Happen is filled with mystery and emotion.  I did find it predictable at times, but still a good read before bed.

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