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Monday, 30 July 2012

The Doomed Franklin Expedition

Hello, I finished a historical-fiction novel about the doomed Franklin Expedition of the 1840s.  Though I have not yet done much research on the Expedition, I find Dan Simmons' The Terror a likely conclusion.  The story is told from various points-of-view, but in essence recounts the tale of two crews, one aboard the HMS Terror and another on the HMS Erebus, who spend several years searching for the North-West Passage to Russia and the Orient.  Needless to say, they do not make it...however I do not know if that was the case in reality.  Mixed with the need for survival are sabotage, mutiny, murder, rampant illness, deadly temperatures, the mysterious tales of Inuit folklore and, to top it all off, a man-eating beast that torments the two crews.  

I appreciate Simmons' take on the Expedition and love that folklore was part of his story however, I cannot say that I 'enjoyed' it.  I warn you that it is not a book for the faint of heart. There were many paragraphs I had to skip because my mind's eye- and stomach- could not stand it.  All in all, should you choose to read it, do so during the summertime when the heat is on.  

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