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Monday, 30 July 2012

Death and Chocolate

 There was a death in the family recently so I haven't been up to writing much.  I hope no one else has been as unfortunate.  
I have never liked having breakfast.  I think it's because it's the first meal of the day so we are given a limited choice of what to eat - which I don't approve of.  If I get up and want to eat, I don't know, a salad with dressing and cola, my choice should not be frowned upon.  I normally have a chocolate muffin for breakfast, but when the grocery store is out, I have no idea what to eat.  Sometimes I just don't want breakfast.  Also, the chocolate muffins I buy are 450 calories each.  I know that's a lot for one food item, but I don't like cereal, there's not enough substance for me to eat yogurt, I can't stand jelly , jam is too sweet and toast is too dry.  I am such a fussy breakfast eater!


Zack Gray said...

yeah i feel the same way. peoples ideas of breakfast are very limited, to the point of it being a problem of idea. if i wake up and think i should have breakfast then i think i have very little choice and forget about other possible things because they aren't breakfast. But if i wake up and think i should eat then i can think of a huge number of things that i could get from the fridge or make. i tend to just go for eating anything that i feel like eating and forget about it being for breakfast, but then my mind doesn't might forget that i had already had "breakfast" and get hungry again.

The Red Wolf said...

Yes, I believe that is a better way to think of it: a meal, no category.
It's nice to have some feedback for a change :) Hope you're having a good summer.