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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee!!

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Hello guys, did you see the Queen's Diamond Jubilee on the River Thames this morning?  This is for those in Canada- I don't know when it aired in other countries.  I enjoyed it so much!  I didn't get to see William and Kate's Wedding live so it was nice to be able to see this.  I liked the Queen's brooch; it was shaped like an asterisk with transparent jewels.  William and Harry looked gorgeous in uniform and Kate wearing a lovely red ensemble.  The Royal Barge was beautifully decked out with all those flowers!  So many boats paraded on the Thames.  One of the crews on a narrow boat were interviewed.  They said they live on their boat and they had the cutest fluffy dog named Gigi!  The National Theatre had a small spectacle as the Royal Barge went by.  Another reporter spoke briefly with the British actor Richard E. Grant who played in Miss Marple: Nemesis.  He read a short poem by Wordsworth.  On a side of a building, there was the largest photograph of the Royal Family featuring Queen Elizabeth 25 years ago with Philip, Charles, Edward, Andrew and Anne.  My favorite part was when the Tower Bridge raised their bascules and the Royal Barge passed.  Later, fireworks went off in the shape of the Diamond Jubilee which was also featured on everyone's flag.  A choir sang various songs on a boat across from the docked Royal Barge. One of the songs was, of course, "Rule Britannia".  That's my favorite song of the British; it's so powerful.  It was a smashing day!  On Tuesday, I believe, they will be covering more on the Diamond Jubilee-Thanksgiving.  Not sure what's going to happen, but hopefully I'll be able to catch some of it.  

See you!

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