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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Books Teachers Make You Read

We've all been there: in a class we like or dislike whether it's at the elementary, high school or college level, there will always be at least one teacher who makes you read an excruciatingly boring book.  I can live with boring books, but sometimes they're just TOO much.  One example is Graham Swift's novel Waterland.  Tom Crick, a history teacher being forced to retire, recounts to his students during his last days about his life as a child growing up in the Fens, England.  Tom even goes into his family history revealing secrets of incest, alcohol, and suicide.  Readers learn that his married his childhood sweetheart, Mary, and having had a botched abortion, cannot have kids in her later years.  This mistake burdens her and eventually makes her go a little loopy.  
The book is pleasant enough with giving the background history of the characters and connecting the past with the present, but going into detail in several chapters about the Fens and its natural sewer system and the eels that live there is just...fatiguing.
For those of you who aren't into reading, I believe there is a movie version of Waterland in case you're interested. 

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