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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Stupid Car Parking

Yesterday, my mom and I went to the bank which is located in a strip mall with an adjoining parking lot.  The signs in the parking lot are ignored by so many people!!!  There's only one lane to go around the parking lot so it gets difficult when someone is driving in the wrong direction aka towards you.  Okay, yesterday when we were driving to get out of the parking lot, this short oriental guy in a big beat-up reddish van was turning the corner towards us.  My mom signaled to him that he can't go in that direction and he signaled to us to turn around, (we couldn't even IF we wanted to), and then the guy starts to back-up and crunches the side of his van against a lamp.  It didn't make a difference, I'm telling you.  He then, advances as if he's going to hit us and my mom honks; he stops and gets out.  I thought the worst.  I thought he was going to come up to our car and started yelling at us and hitting our car.  He was on my side, by the way.  But thank the Lord, he didn't.  He went into the bank.  So we're stuck, three cars behind us are stuck until finally we all start backing up.  I'm sure it was nerve-racking for my mom because she does NOT like backing up the car.  With good reason, too.  I have vowed to never drive.  I would never be able to handle the stress.  I was panicking in the car and I wasn't even driving!!!   What a bloody nutter!  Hopefully, he'll get a ticket or something.  Karma's a witch after all.

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