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Monday, 12 December 2011

New Visitors

So, do you like my new friends?  I'm not sure if I should name them; that might be weird.  :)   If I did have to name them, then I guess the black one would be Philip, the yellow, Sunshine, the orange one, Marigold, the white, Orchid, the green, why not...Sylvia?  The red ones well, they're siblings so I'll name them: Sara, Steven, Lily, Lionel and George.  Feel free to feed my fish by clicking on them.  I don't think I'd ever get a fish in real life.  They don't last as long as I would like and they're not cuddly like a cat or dog.  Then again, you can't always get close to cats, now can you?  So make that dogs, then, dogs are the cuddly ones.
There's also a poll I put up so feel free to vote!  It's all about you. It'll be up until next Tuesday at 6pm. I think I'll put one up ever so often just to add some variety.

See you around!

"May your feet never sweat, your neighbor give you ne'er a threat, May your car be full of gas and you owe nothing to the IRS." Traditional Toast.

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