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Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Singing Butler

Have many of you heard of Banksy?  Well, he was a street artist who has done some very brilliant work.   He's trademark signature is a rat.  He did his work in the wee hours of the morning and would be chased by the police.  Check out his documentary: Exit Through the Gift Shop.  It shows Banksy's work and what he and other street artists have to go through in order to have their work seen, all the precautions and risks.  Tough stuff.  Here's the painting The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano followed by Banksy's altered version:

 Copyright: http://www.patthegreat.com/articles/65/jack-vettriano

 Copyright: http://s3.hubimg.com/u/60814_f520.jpg

Another known street artist is Roadsworth.  There was also a documentary done on him where he was caught and had to go to court.  His work, too, was very outside the box.  Here, see for yourself:
 Copyright: http://lh4.ggpht.com/kaushik810/SPHK6a11UFI/AAAAAAAADAo/hhr7ErlEW-w/roadsworth%5B5%5D.jpg

 Copyright: http://tiffchow.typepad.com/.a/6a00e54f7ac65c883301156f80e6cd970c-800wi

Do you like street art?

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