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Monday, 28 November 2011

The Best Bond. James Bond

Which of the James Bond actors are your favorite?  I confess, I have not seen many of the Bond films, (a total of...3), but I like Roger Moore first, then Sean Connery, then Pierce Brosnan.  I think I prefer Moore because Moonraker was the first Bond movie I'd ever seen as a young child so I could say I 'grew up' with it when technically, I hadn't.  The same goes for the Christopher Reeve Superman films.  Anyways, I like Sean Connery even though I have yet to see his portrayal of Bond.  I know that I'd like him because he was the original.  I saw two of Brosnan's films, ( Die Another Day and GoldenEye) and I must admit, he makes a good Bond but I saw him first as Remington Steele, (who is a character similar to Bond), so I prefer him as Steele.               

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So, who's the best?

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